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This page is dedicated to hardware, operating systems and programming tools of 8bit computers. Here are also described other things that could be useful with 8bit computers (like IDE harddisks or ISA cards and motherboards).

You will not find games here. However, you can find here how to load old games from harddisk.

Documentation files in this service are available for registered users only. Please enter your e-mail adderess in the beside field then click the button to subscribe newsletter and get the free password.

Or better please fill the questionnaire where you can specify your interests.

Web hosting

Project websites can be hosted by the 8bit.yarek.pl service. There are 4 conditions for the website:

  • must describe microelectronics project as main theme,
  • must be static (plain HTML; some limited excepions are acceptable),
  • must point to 8bit.yarek.pl forum,
  • should not be too large (e.g. smaller than 100MB).

Hosted websites can have own domain or subdomain in yarek.pl.

Discussion groups

Hardware issues and operating systems can be discussed on a discussion forum. Discussion only in English or Polish languages. Forum provides friendly topics structure, reading and replying. Forum template is available in wide range of languages: Polish, English, German, Dutch, Czech, Slovakian, Spanish, Portuguese.


zxland@yahoogroups.com is a contact list for ZX Spectrum (and clones) users in Polish language. If you want to contact users from Poland, you can subscribe this list - most of us understand English. To subscribe, write your e-mail below then click the Yahoo! button. You'll get a mail, so reply to it or click the link inside. All the posted messages you can find on http://groups.yahoo.com/group/zxland/messages.


Many interesting things can be sometimes bought on an auction. See the list of current 8bit auctions.

[Allegro.pl - odwiedzaj nas codziennie!]

Registration on Allegro is easy and doesn't cost anything. However, auctions are in Polish language only.

The banner opens a list of my auctions on Allegro.

Important! If you have an old, useless hardware (including PC XT boards etc.) - don't throw this away! Put it on an auction or give it to me.

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